Western Electric Model 202 Rotary Dial Desk Set

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Bakelite HandsetBakelite handset heavy and resistent.
Metal BaseStrong and heavy metal base.
Fat Handset CordHas older thick handset cord made of round cable.
No CracksNo cracks or chips on outside. It is possible it has internal fracturs that have been glued and reinforced.

1930s metal base with bakelite handset upgraded in 1950s. This has been upgraded with an internally mounted Automatic Electric Mini network. This phone has no internal ringer, but the black deluxe cigar box ringer is included which contains an old style, small mechanical ringer. the phone will be pre wired to the ringer box. The cigar box ringer to telephone connection is about 15ft. You need only locate the cigar box ringer near the phone jack, and connect the modular connector of the cigar box ringer to your phone line. The cigar box ringers are hand made and have imperfections, but look good overall.

Free shipping to all of Mexico on plasctic phones. Bakelite, metal and wood phones have a separate shipping cost. We can ship internationally. Ask for a quote for the specific product with your address using the contact form below. We normally require two working days to ship your purchase. We must clean the unit again, test it, and carefully package it. Once shipped you will receive a tracking number by email.

Price: $400.00 USD
Price: $nan MXN
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